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Daytona Bike week eightieth anniversary, 2021


Daytona bike week was planned to happen as always in the March of 2020, last year. But as the global pandemic COVID reach its peak right before that month specifically in U.S, managers had to cancel the final days of bike weeks to maintain COVID precautionary measures. In 2020, Biketoberfest was officially announced cancel by Daytona Beach but the event still managed to take place towards the north despite severe conditions of the pandemic.


As the year 2021 holds 80th anniversary of bike week, organizers as well as local businesses can’t see it being overlooked. In the face of the current situation, city council is finally urged to hold Daytona bike week event 2021 as you might expect.


Daytona bike week

Daytona Beach city commissioners finally approved the debate of holding bike week event this year as usual but, under some restrictions made for not violating COVID safety measures. The bike week of 10 days will take place between 5th till 14th of March 2021.


Despite the fact that city commissioners in the meeting allowed local businesses to have indoor services, the council restrict the indoor occupancy to 60% only.


This COVID global pandemic have already killed 522K people in U.S with 28.9 million cases in the country. Keeping in check the adversities, the council put limits to the bars, shops and restaurants occupying that area, during bike week event 2021. Included businesses were also obliged to submit details of COVID precautions that include cleanliness, hand sanitation, face masks, temperature checks and social distancing.


The council emphasized the need of following Sops, adding that the event would only be successful if no one get effected by the virus.


As rules usually don’t work without punishments, businesses would get themselves in complexities if they violate the rules of precautions for the next three weeks.


They would be banned from renting their possessions to outdoor traders in addition to the ban on parking purposes for the upcoming events.


Bike week events are happy moments for local businesses and for employees, as they bring money. However, it would be heartbreaking if the residents on the event get infections and severe illness. The businesses that do not have additional outdoor activities still allowed under precautions, to have 100 percent residence.


Motorcycle rallies bring joy and fun to the supporters and become a source of benefits for businesses and employees, but in this difficult time, health is the priority of everyone more the fun and achievements.

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