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street bike protective gear - Motorcycle riding clothes

A guide to choose the best motorcycle riding gear!

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Daytona Bike Week FL, 2021

Daytona Bike week eightieth anniversary, 2021

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  • best motorcycle riding pants

    February 19 2021 – Umar Mukhtar

    Are motorcycle cargo pants worth it?

      Definitely yes! The best motorcycle riding pants lined with Kevlar can be worn in summers, as they will provide resistance from sunburns and heavy dirty winds. In winters, the pants allow you to wear something warm under them.  You can style your motorcycle cargo pants with armor with your Kevlar jackets or hoodies with leather boots or you can...

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  • IMS Progressive International motorcycle festival

    December 26 2020 – Store Manager Nida

    IMS Progressive International Motorcycle Shows Outdoor Event will be held in 2021

      Due to the rise of the Corona-virus pandemic, Progressive International Motorcycle Shows are being replaced. These shows consisted of in-door motorcycle displays that take place during the off-season. Because of the risk of the spread of Corona virus, these events have been replaced with a series of new outdoor events. These events will provide visitors a chance to gain...

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  • Motorcycle safety gear

    December 23 2020 – Store Manager Nida

    Why should you wear motorcycle riding gear during bike riding?

      Motorcycle riding accidents can result in devastating and disastrous outcomes for the motorcycle riders. The vulnerability and exposure during the falls make the riders prone to severe injuries that might even result in casualties. It is known that the head and extremities of the rider are most susceptible to these life-threatening injuries. To protect themselves from such accidents, motorcycle...

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  • Which Motorcycling Gear You Should Be Wearing While Riding A Motorcycle?

    November 03 2020 – Store Manager Nida

    Which Motorcycling Gear You Should Be Wearing While Riding A Motorcycle?

      Adventures are fun for sure, but safety should be a priority no matter what you are doing in life. Motorcycling is no exception. Whether you have just taken up motorcycling as a hobby or you are a professional rider, you should always invest in proper motorcycle riding gear. There is no cheaper way to go when it comes to...

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