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About Us

At EndoGear®, we engineer garments for motorcycle riders to safeguard against cuts, abrasions and other riding hazards. Together with our selected partners we invested countless hours in research to manufacture a range of premium quality jeans, jackets, shirts, hoodies and gloves with high-grade textiles to offer trusted protection.

EndoGear® pledges to hold true to its maxim - It’s the inside that matters. Our products are lined with the toughest DuPont Kevlar® approved fabrics, which are positioned at all critical areas to combat scrapes and prolonged wear and tear. Coupled to this, we focus our attention on high-quality and trendy outer materials such as denims, flannels, Twills & knitted fleece. In addition we selected CE-Certified knee/arm/hip protectors

All those meticulous selections are allowing the EndoGear® garments to offer ultimate comfort, improved durability and demonstrated shield against extensive damage. Our motorcycle apparels are always designed to integrate stylish fashion to complement the safety in every manner, and our meticulously created knits based on DuPont Kevlar® fibers moves along the body without being noticed while providing defense against potential road risks. We are proud to be Licensee of DuPont Kevlar® and endeavor to enable resourcefulness and innovation by using the world’s strongest fibers.

DuPont™ & Kevlar® are trademarks or register trademarks of affiliates of DuPont de Nemours, Inc. Used under license by Safety Zone International Inc.