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Kevlar leggings men

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The fashion gurus have listened to your recommendations. At long last, you can wear our premium quality kevlar base motorcycle leggings (a.k.a. strong leggings, a.k.a. kevlar base pants liner) that spare your lower body from smelling while you are on the bike, without seeming as though you're wearing something that is out of fashion. Presently they come in forcefully cool patterns, colors, and great quality textures.


Our Motorcycle pants liner collection is made from 96% Kevlar® Fiber ad 4% Lycra. This deadly combination makes them an amazing option for protecting yourself while you are on the road. Priced at an introductory tag of $129.99 and available in three sizes, namely Medium, Large & Extra Large.


Buy Kevlar lined tights that are knitted in stretch mesh and also provide breathable comfort as you take your bike on a long & adventurous ride.