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Why should you wear motorcycle riding gear during bike riding?


Motorcycle riding accidents can result in devastating and disastrous outcomes for the motorcycle riders. The vulnerability and exposure during the falls make the riders prone to severe injuries that might even result in casualties. It is known that the head and extremities of the rider are most susceptible to these life-threatening injuries. To protect themselves from such accidents, motorcycle riders should wear some protective motorcycle riding gear.

Motorcycle riding clothes are designed keeping in mind all the requirements of the motorcycle riders. They are made up of protective materials like Kevlar and leather. Given below is a list of some fundamentals items of motorcycle riding gear that a rider can take the initiative of wearing to reduce the chances of their injuries and mortality rate.

        Helmet and Headgear:

    Helmet is one the most important items of motorcycle riding gear that a rider can invest in. the head and the brain are the most sensitive areas of the body and they need extensive protection. The foam and insulating material inside the helmet absorb the shock and reduce the impact time. In most states it is unlawful not to wear a helmet with other motorcycle riding clothes.

            Motorcycle Protective Jackets:

    Another important item that makes its place in motorcycle riding clothes is a protective jacket. Made with suitable protective material, these jackets not only provide insulation from harsh weather conditions, but they are also greatly resistant against cuts, slashes, punctures during accidents. They also look very attractive with the rest of motorcycle riding gear.

            Motorcycle Pants:

    Motorcycle pants are the most important item in motorcycle riding clothes. As lower limbs are most prone to injuries in accidents, Kevlar motorcycle pants provide protection to the legs. Their fitted armors prevent knee injuries and disc slips. Motorcycle pants can be jeans or cargo pants in motorcycle rider gear. They are made up of protective materials like Kevlar or leather and can be worn over regular pants or jeans.

    Kevlar motorcycle pants
            Motorcycle Riding Shoes:

    Motorcycle Racing Boots are included in motorcycle riding gear to protect the feet from injuries. These shoes are protective and insulating, and prevent the breakage of ankles and other foot injuries. They can be made of different protective materials.

            Motorcycle Gloves:

    Motorcycle gloves are a must for every rider in motorcycle riding gear. They not only provide insulation from the cold weather, but also absorb moisture during sweating. They have knitted armors in them that prevent knuckle injuries in case of accidental fall. They can be made of any kind of protective material like leather or Kevlar. They also look very good with the rest of your motorcycle riding clothes.


    These are only the fundamental items in motorcycle riding clothes. Motorcycle riding gear also has a very wide range of accessories such as protective shield for eyes, armored hoodies, knee caps, shoulder armors, armored vests, neck covering armor etc. In the light of above-mentioned points, it is made clear why one should wear protective motorcycle riding gear while bike riding.

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