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Wear a Motorcycle Riding Gear And Ride As Fast As You Want!


From the past few years, a lot of people are taking interest in motorcycling and can be seen riding on roads or racing on race tracks in that cool bikers look with their huge motorbikes wearing motorcycle riding gear. When it comes to motorcycle protective clothing, these same people do not give much attention to the quality or material of motorcycle riding gear they are wearing and many of them end up wearing regular t-shirts, pants and boots. This kind of attitude is more in the riders who are in street or off-road riding while race track riders know the worth of safety and always prioritize protection first. Motorcycle riding apparel is equally important for each and every place the rider decides to ride on. These items that come in motorbike apparel are usually made with high-end leather or man-made abrasion resistant fibers like Kevlar or Cordura with protective armors in the areas most likely to get hurt in a crash. Leather is usually prioritized by riders over Kevlar for protection and safety it provides, but except race-tracking Kevlar is highly beneficial for all other riding destinations.

Here are some of the important essentials of motorcycle riding gear that a motorcyclist can wear to avoid any kind of road injuries.

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Jacket/hoodie: -

The high-end brands of motorcycle riding gear produce motorcycle jackets that are either made of leather or High-quality fibers like Kevlar or Cordura denims. The leather is obviously more durable and looks more stylish but it is not comfortable in all types of weathers. Jackets made with synthetic fibers provide abrasion-resistance as strongly as leathers and the material is capable of keeping you dry in rainy or extremely hot weather conditions. These protective jackets or hoodies have body armors in elbows, chest, shoulders and back with CE ratings that cushions your most vulnerable parts from impacts and crash and are designed to fit properly in high-speed wind blasts. Before selecting a jacket or hoodie, keep in mind the weather you would be most likely to encounter.

Riding-pants: -

Like jackets, protective pants are also made with materials like leather, Kevlar or textiles. A good pair of licensed motorcycle jeans have CE-rated armors in the hips, shins and knee areas for protection against severe damages and impacts. For long distances, mostly denims are preferred over leather and some denims come up with Kevlar lining to provide protection in a long run. Leather provides ultimate protection while pants made with Kevlar or Cordura have water resistance and allow air-circulation to avoid sweat.

Motorcycle Gloves: -

the next most important thing in motorcycle riding gear are leather gloves. The motorcycle leather gloves have Kevlar padding or armor in the knuckles that works against abrasion and impacts. The leather riding gloves also give protection to fingers, palms and wrist and provide strong handle griping. when you are riding in cool weather, it is likely that you would lose your control over bike handles that would trigger your balance resulting in a crash. For this reason, you should be wearing high-quality leather gloves that would keep you warm throughout your ride. The gloves also come up with summer material to keep your hands cool.

Riding Boots And Helmet: -

motorcycle protective clothing also includes helmets and boots. A motorcyclist should always wear a full-face helmet to protect his face and head from the pavement. Street and dirt helmets are made with adhesives that absorb impacts and provide safety from severe damages. Leather armored motorcycle boots would be best to support your legs, ankles and feet against uneven roads and heavy metal bikes. The armors in high quality leather boots would help to protect your feet from engine or silencers heat.

Conclusion: -
If you are a motorcycle rider, you are exposed to unpredictable accidents, extreme weathers and harsh environments. A good protective motorcycle riding gear is built by manufacturers to keep your body safe from severe injuries, comfort you in changing weather conditions and reduce chances of deaths so that you can enjoy your adventurous ride without any fear and worry. So, don’t ride until you are able to buy protective motorcycle riding gear.

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Rowan McLeod
Sep 28, 2020

Very informative and educational post! Thank you for sharing with all of us today :) I am looking for a new set of riding gear and will be returning here to learn more for sure!

Bless and have a wonderful day!

- Rowan

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